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Alibi is a curated hub of art, music, and culture designed to act as a host for the newest and most exciting creatives to share their work. Together, we aim to use our platform to share the work of promising emerging artists, support the music industry, and celebrate music.

Alibi London is a collaborative effort, we would love to hear from you if you:

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Drew Manning

Founder / Lead Editor

Drew Manning is the founder and Lead Editor of Alibi London. Drew focuses mainly on alternative music of all kinds and is eager to boost promising emerging artists using the Alibi platform.

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Olly Lyng

Creative Advisor / Editor

Olly Lyng provides creative input and direction for Alibi. He also regularly makes contributions to our Albums of The Week series. Olly focuses his work on hip-hop/rap and is eager to hear new music.

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Harry Mowe


Harry Mowe is an urban photographer based in London. As an exciting up-and-coming visual creative, Mowe turns the dull and lifeless business district of London into his playground, scaling its high rise towers to construct a new perspective on the capital. Harry is also a talented live photographer and will be providing this for Alibi in the near future.

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Tom Martin

Photographer / Writer

Tom Martin is a music photographer and aspiring musician based in Liverpool. With a passion for live music and up-and-coming bands, he’ll be focusing on live reviews and breakthrough bands. Tom especially enjoys post-punk and shoegaze and plays in his own shoegaze band morel.

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