Today we are extremely excited to premiere a stunning new live session from singer-songwriter Natalie Evans. Evans performs Pencil Drawn from her gorgeous new album Movements.

Released last month, Movements sees Evans take a confident stride into a more minimalistic pop sound whilst still holding onto the folk intricacies found in her earlier work. The Kent-based singer has a lot of musical tools on her belt, thanks to being a somewhat virtuosically talented singer as well as a guitarist, pianist, and harpist. Evans’ command of these tools is astounding and at times conjures an eclectic sense of individuality in her music.

Taking influence from the likes of Mitski and Julien Baker on the new record, Evans similarly has the ability to reappropriate gloom into a more positive and at times joyful experience.

“I was very free flowing in the way I wrote the lyrics to Pencil Drawn. I was reflecting on some thoughts I’d had during a long drive and I just let my ideas keep running. I really like how the live session is a one shot video because I think it reflects this perfectly.”

Natalie Evans on the Live Session

Watch Natalie Evans perform Pencil Drawn:

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