There’s a craving for new music with an older flavour and influence, here’s a new and ambitious band ready to provide.

If you take a look at the current playlists of most young people, you might be surprised to see the amount of ‘old’ music or at the very least music inspired by previous styles and trends. The current popularity of Kate Bush‘s 80s track Running Up That Hill makes it clear that older music and influence is going nowhere. There’s a nostalgia and craving for it. You see it in The 1975 and their synth-pop influence, Turnover with dream-pop, Black Country, New Road with 90s post-rock, and countless more.

New Divide

Enter, New Divide, A four-piece alt-pop outfit from Manchester. The band is Charlotte Bladen (front-woman), Thomas Webster (guitar), Carl Whittle (bass), Eliza Wheatley (drums), and, George-David Webster (guitar). I was fortunate enough to speak to George about the band and find out what they’re about. George tells me that the band met just before moving to Manchester, only taking a few weeks to get a headline show on the calendar.

New Divide are an extremely new outfit, only forming six months ago, and having put out two tracks since. All I Am is a pulsing synth-pop track that appears to detail a rough breakup, while the instrumental b-side I Want U is a little more experimental, a garage-esque drum pattern supports guitars, synths, and interesting production sprinklings weaving in and out. When I asked George about coming upon their sound, he said: “From the start, we knew we wanted to create something ambitious, from the live show to the records, we wanted more.”.

New Divide

Speaking on New Divide’s influence, George said: “There’s definitely a heavy influence from 80s pop culture, we love those classic records and films and we wanted to capture the nostalgia of the sound and feel of that whole era in our music. More recently we’ve been listening to a lot of heavier material from the 90s/2000; our new songs really channel that post-punk attitude.“.

New Divide are raring to go with ambition and energy, motivated by the increasingly enthusiastic reactions to their material by live audiences. As George told me, each show sees them change and evolve, always ready to bring something new to the table. The band are currently working on their next singles in the studio, I’m told we can expect the next one in September, and that it’s heavier than we might be expecting. There’s going to be a release party in Manchester on September 23rd, about which George said: “you’re really going to see us let loose – expect to see us dancing, smashing guitars, screaming, and jumping off everything within sight…”.

All I Am is available to stream now, and don’t miss the new release from New Divide in September.

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Drew Manning

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