From the classics to new releases, here’s what we have been spinning this week.

Angel Olsen – Big Time

The phenomenal brand new offering from indie-folk/country artist Angel Olsen. The record sees Olsen grapple with a more overt country influence, pulling this off excellently. Every track on this project is individually brilliant and only bettered when combined on this release.

Top Tracks: All The Good Times, This Is How It Works, Go Home

KayCyy – TW20 50

(Contributed by Olly Lyng)

Released in the run-up to the Kenyan rapper’s heavily anticipated debut album, this three-track EP sets the scene for something special. All production credits go to legendary french techno producer Gesaffelstein, and his signature haunting, yet strikingly beautiful, soundscapes make this project what it is. 


Tame Impala – Currents

A familiar one to most, this record is the absolute quintessential Kevin Parker. Featuring some of Parker’s biggest tunes, weaved through a psychedelic rock tapestry. Currents is an instant classic of a record and an incredible showcase of the raw talent behind the Tame Impala project.

Top Tracks: Let It Happen, Eventually, New Person, Same Old Mistakes

Horsegirl – Versions of Modern Performance

Versions of Modern Performance is the debut LP from Chicago three-piece Horsegirl. The project is not without its weak points, but as a first foray into long-form releases, Horsegirl have done an excellent job and show a lot of promise. The album is essential indie rock from front to back, and was even worked on by John Agnello from Sonic Youth.

Top Tracks: Anti-glory, Dirtbag Transformation (Still Dirty), Option 8

IDLES – Brutalism

The fact it’s taken nine weeks to include an IDLES record is a bit criminal. This is the post-punk frontrunner’s debut album, written amidst the loss of both singer Joe Talbot’s and bassist Dev’s mothers. The record grapples with grief, politics, masculinity, and more with an incredible degree of honesty.

Top Tracks: Mother, 1049 Gotho, White Privilege

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