From the classics to new releases, here’s what we have been spinning this week.

070 Shake – Modus Vivendi

‘Way of Life’ is the translation of 070 Shake’s debut full-length Modus Vivendi. As first statements go, this is up there with the more effective. Previously Shake had been heard featuring and contributing to a host of other – mainly US hip-hop – artists’ work, but Modus Vivendi sees her carve her own path and explore her own sonic territory.

Top Tracks: Guilty Conscience, Microdosing, Under The Moon


This project is the only album released by avant-garde experimental pop producer SOPHIE before she sadly died in 2021. The album is an absolute tour-de-force in experimental electronic production, breaking practically all the rules in the book while still pulling off a phenomenal record.

Top Tracks: Ponyboy, Is It Cold In The Water?, Immaterial

Skepta – Blacklisted

Contributed by Olly Lyng

As Skepta makes his triumphant return to the top of the gritty, orthodox grime scene, he can’t help but drop his guard. Blacklisted sees the North London MC as fired up as ever, as he takes aim at the label execs and agents that he very clearly believes led him astray throughout the doin’ it again era. Despite this, Skepta puts time aside to open his heart, making this his most personal offering to date.

Top Tracks: Ace Hood Flow, Mastermind, 2 + 2, x 2


Contributed by Olly Lyng

Knucks continues to push the boundaries of just how stylish UK rap can be on his debut album. Knucks feels experienced beyond his time as both a wordsmith and a vocalist, putting the effortless suave that makes him so unique on full display. The production feels as refreshing as it does nostalgic and compliments Knucks’ delivery brilliantly.

Top Tracks: Nice & Good, Leon the Professional, Los Pollos Hermanos

Basement – Promise Everything

The third release from British post-hardcore band Basement. The project has been compared to bands from Jimmy Eat World to Soundgarden, but the effectiveness of the highly compressed guitars and searing vocals on this project make it near incomparable. The explosiveness previously heard in their older work is more focused and directed in this record, focused more on melody and vivid lyricism.

Top Tracks: Brothers Keeper, Aquasun, Blinded Bye

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