From the classics to new releases, here are our Albums of the Month for June.

For the June edition of albums of the month, we’ve aimed for a collection of projects perfect for summer.

Confidence Man – TILT

This April release from Aussie dance group Confidence Man is set up perfectly for summer. A high-octane collection of pulsing dance tracks, absolutely frothing with energy and dosed up with attitude. I saw these guys at KITE festival and it brought the tracks on this album to a whole new level.

Best Enjoyed: At a beach festival.

Top Tracks: Woman, Holiday, Break It Bought It

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Clairo – Immunity

Clairo‘s second release following her online explosion. Widely regarded as the first of the bedroom pop style to really break, a lot rested on getting this album right. Clairo did an incredible job with this project, perfectly capturing the moods and aesthetics of young love, appealing massively to a Gen-Z audience.

Best enjoyed: On a lonely summer evening.

Top Tracks: Alewife, Sofia, Feel Something

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Foals – What Went Down

Foals are somewhat supernaturally capable of putting out an onslaught of incredible albums. In fact, they’ve just released Life Is Yours, which, nine albums in, some are calling their best yet. However, I would give that accolade to What Went Down. The fourth Foals release is the perfect summer album, classically indie-rock in so many ways, yet full of surprises.

Best Enjoyed: At a BBQ with your mates.

Top Tracks: Mountain at My Gates, Birch Tree, London Thunder

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Calvin Harris – Funk Wav Bounces Vol.1

Submitted by Olly Lyng

The rose-tinted surf and glistening sun that adorns the cover of this album couldn’t be more fitting. This beachy funk record is rammed with star-studded features, Ariana Grande, Travis Scott, Frank Ocean, and Snoop Dogg to name just a few. The variety of talent within the roster of features keeps things interesting from track to track, while the production stays exceptionally consistent throughout. Calvin Harris defined the summer of 2017 with this modern classic, and it’s aged like fine wine ever since. The Funk Wav series returns in 2022 with Vol.2, and if it’s anything like its predecessor, we’re in for a treat.

Best Enjoyed: At a yacht party (one can dream)

Top Tracks: Slide ft. Frank Ocean & Migos, Heatstroke ft. Young Thug, Pharell Williams, & Ariana Grande, Prayers Up ft. Travis Scott & A-Trak

Joy Crookes – Skin

The Joy Crookes debut project is an incredible mix of soul, r&b, and pop, with an incredible vocal performance from Crookes herself. Skin sees her explore her youth and adulthood, relationships, and ultimately understanding herself. On the project, the South-London singer showcases her natural ability to weave stories, with each track feeling like an essential jigsaw piece used to understand the full picture of the album.

Best Enjoyed: Sat in a field with your pals.

Top Tracks: Trouble, When You Were Mine, Feet Don’t Fail Me

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Wolf Alice – Visions of a Life

In my opinion, Wolf Alice is one of the best bands in the world right now. The group takes a different direction on every record while remaining constantly authentic and true to themselves. The second project, Visions Of A Life, was Wolf Alice on the rise and hungry, they had direction and the ability to execute. What came out of this hunger was an at times deeply visceral, momentarily aggressive, but largely sensitive masterpiece.

Best Enjoyed: Sat in a field with your slightly more alternative pals.

Top Tracks: Heavenward, Don’t Delete The Kisses, Space & Time

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Khruangbin – Con Todo El Mundo

It didn’t take long for this US Thai-Funk band to master their smoky psychedelic sound. Admirable steps were taken on their debut record The Universe Smiles Upon You, but it wasn’t until the second project Con Todo El Mundo that the three-piece became fully formed. The intercontinental-influenced project has sonic roots that can be traced all over the world, from the far-east and Africa to more conventional Western sounds.

Best Enjoyed: Stoned.

Top Tracks: Maria Tambien, August 10, Evan Finds the Third Room

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Lou Reed – Transformer

On the back of leaving one of the most successful bands in rock history, and releasing a poorly received solo record, things weren’t looking too good for Lou Reed. Inspired by the character and eccentricity of glam rock championed largely by David Bowie, Reed crafted Transformer. An extremely accessible and simple record at face value, but look just a little deeper and it becomes easy to understand what makes this such a memorable record.

Best Enjoyed: While getting ready in the morning.

Top Tracks: Vicious, Perfect Day, Walk on the Wild Side

Tyler, The Creator – Flowerboy

Unexpectedly at the time, this was the classic ‘indie-boy’ record of 2017. Looking back now, it’s easy to understand why. On Flowerboy Tyler massively expands his creative and collaborative pallet to produce a colourful, clearly defined, and highly accessible project. Features including Rex Orange County, Frank Ocean, and A$AP Rocky perfectly support Tyler’s mission on this record. To this day Flowerboy is Tyler, The Creator’s most accessible record.

Best Enjoyed: On a sunny drive.

Top Tracks: Where This Flower Blooms ft. Frank Ocean, Boredom ft. Rex Orange County & Anna of the North, November

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Bicep – Isles

The second full-length release from the Northern Irish DJ + Producer combo Bicep. Isles was released during the lockdown in the pandemic, while dancefloors were strictly closed. The project is aimed at being accessible away from the dancefloor, and so is a softened take on electronic dance compared to the first record. When Bicep finally got to take the record for a spin in a live setting, they hardened up the material with a much more rave-ready interpretation. Isles is a demonstration of Bicep’s versatility in producing highly listenable music both on and off dancefloors.

Best Enjoyed: At a rave, obviously.

Top Tracks: Atlas, Apricots, Sundial

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