From the classics to new releases, here’s what we have been spinning this week.

Nilüfer YanyaPAINLESS

I’ve had all three of Nilüfer Yanya‘s releases on repeat recently. For me though, one stands out among the rest, and that’s PAINLESS. Of all Yanya’s works, this one is the most melodically beautiful and sees the London singer-songwriter continually refining and honing her sound. The album has a giant range of detectable influences, seamlessly intertwining purposeful sprinkles of shoegaze, jazz, r&b, alt-rock, and indie.

Top Tracks: the dealer, stabilise, anotherlife

Tom Misch & Yussef Dayes – What Kinda Music

This lockdown release is essentially two incredible musicians showing off. For Tom Misch, this album plays like a victory lap for the massive success he had experienced in the few years leading up to the pandemic. For Dayes, this is the perfect opportunity for the incredible drummer to show off in the almost perfect collaborative project. The album sounds massive at all times, partially due to the excesses of reverb throughout, but also as a result of the artists harmonic and rhythmic mastery.

Top Tracks: Nightrider, Lift Off, Kyiv

Amyl and The Sniffers – Comfort To Me

Comfort To Me is the most recent album from the Aussie pub-rock four-piece. This album is shouty, aggressive, angry, but loving. There’s a sense of absolute confidence on this record, echoing the attitude the band takes to their live shows perfectly. Even in a few more albums time, I wouldn’t be surprised if this one still gets described as the quintessential Amyl and The Sniffers project.

Top Tracks: Guided by Angels, Security, Capital

Turnover – Peripheral Vision

The instant-classic project from Virginia quintet Turnover. This record saw a complete abandoning of their prior pop-punk sound, into a much more delicate and intentional sound that has been described as indie and even dream-pop. Peripheral Vision has a distinctly warm but dark tone, one imagines reminiscing over a long past summer as the perfect listening backdrop for this project.

Top Tracks: Hello Euphoria, Dizzy On the Comedown, Diazepam

Black Midi – Schlagenheim

This record is noisy, chaotic, nonsensical, displaced, and fucking awesome. Experimental noise-rock band black midi have a special appeal to a real range of fans. There’s something to identify with for older prog-rock fans all the way through to the typically younger post-punk audience. This record in particular, serving as their debut declaration, showed a fearless and explorative group not willing to kneel to the tendencies of any style but their own.

Top Tracks: Near DT, MI, bmbmbm, Ducter

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