Alibi London.

Alibi London is a culture house, publication, and online store for music and art that lives on the edge of what is ‘normal’.

Aiming to always push the boundaries, the Alibi London collective provides a space for the most exciting artists to host their work.

The House.

The Alibi Culture House is a metaphor for the way we aim to welcome and host creatives of all varieties on our platform. Although music-focused, we work with artists, writers, photographers, and more to encourage and promote cutting-edge creative work.

Gretel Hänlyn @ Dot to Dot by Harry Mowe

The Record Store.

Our record store works differently from most. We have a wide range of second-hand stock on our Discogs page, but our website listings are heavily curated. This means that any music sold through the Alibi London website has our personal seal of approval, as well as being at the lowest prices available.

Records we stock can often be found being recommended by us or written about in our publication, we’re just cutting out the middle man by giving you direct access to the music we write about.

Our curated record store is a work in progress, please bear with us while we get this running.

The Publication.

The focus of our publication is to be a place to share the most exciting up-and-coming artists. We hope to be an outlet that readers can trust for honest and reliable musical insight and recommendations. As well as this, we want to be a platform where artists feel as though they are represented and supported.

The Alibi publication includes:

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